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Two young women wait for a man on a path in the woods. As time passes, Olive grows increasingly anxious and despondent about her situation - which is dire. Lynn tries to comfort her, but as the grim reality of Olive’s predicament sets in, both women are forced to face the frightening truth of what lies ahead. 


Carolyn Kettig & Madeline Seidman


written & directed by Helen Handelman

based on "Thunder Shower" by Malachi Whitaker

director of photography Naomi Saito

costume design by Amanda Gladu

music by Jack Broza

sound design by Aaron Ardisson

poster art by Emma Caster-Dudzick

produced & edited by Helen Handelman

Official Selection of the Bechdel Film Festival (2022)

Official Selection of the Berlin Indie Film Festival (October 2021)

Official Selection of the Independent Shorts Awards (September 2021)

Bronze Award for Best Women Short at the Independent Shorts Awards (September 2021)

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