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Helen is a filmmaker based in Nyack, New York. She is passionate about taking

women and their stories seriously.


Her work: focuses on women at critical moments in their lives - when they have to face uncomfortable truths about themselves and their futures, or have to make a difficult decision. She has made three short films in the last four years: two of us (2024), Nepo Baby (2022), and Olive & Lynn (2021). 

Her process: involves rigor, collaboration, specificity, leading with curiosity, and asking questions and

investigating answers without proclaiming any single certainty.

Select Credits: Directors' Asst. on Season 2 of Severance (Apple) and Somebody Somewhere (HBO); before working in TV/Film, Helen worked for many years in the theater with Alex Timbers, Zoe Kazan, Michael Friedman, Lila Neugebauer, Jeanine Tesori, Anne Kauffman, Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Jenny Koons, and the Blue Man Group, and on productions at Ars Nova, Clubbed Thumb, LCT3, New York City Center, WP Theater, The Public/Shakespeare in the Park, and The Bushwick Starr.

Helen grew up in NYC, and graduated with honors from Wesleyan in 2016, where she studied Theater and Religion (and wrote a thesis about the moon!). 


Photo by Aaron Ardisson

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